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The best social media tools for freelancers

One of the main reasons people tend to freelance is to give themselves flexibility. Being self-employed gives you the chance to choose with whom you work, and when you work with them. It also allows you to do something that you’re good at. But that flexibility is challenged when the nuts and bolts of being a freelancer sometimes get in the way – like finding the time to market yourself, or your clients. So, what are the best social media tools for freelancers to help them manage their time in the most efficient way; to market them, and to connect?

We know of the usual platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) but what else is out there to optimise your time effectively? Here’s just a few:



If you’re a freelancer it’s a certainty that you’ve heard of Slack. It’s a communication tool that connects people working together on long-term projects. If an email is too bulky, Slack’s your guy. It provides all of the usual features you’ve come to expect from social media communication, such as persistent chat rooms organised by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. The downside – get used to the notification tone. We’ll say no more.



Buffer is an alternative to the owl-faced behemoth that is Hootsuite. It’s a software app that you can use on desktop or mobile and allows you to manage accounts in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It also provides analysis tools. Very handy if you want to schedule posts for yourself in advance and see how they land with your target audience. The primary difference between Buffer and Hootsuite is that Buffer focuses only on pre-scheduling content. But, it’s way cheaper for businesses.



If you work with Pinterest for yourself or for a client, then this is the tool for you. With the ability to create 10 pins in one go, and to spread content out over weeks with the Interval Pinner, you can schedule an entire week of pins in 20 minutes. It also works out when are the best times to pin for more engagement, reach and website traffic, and automatically pins for you at those times. Not bad. It also works with Instagram. It’s definitely the most comprehensive scheduling tool you’ll find for Pinterest. It also integrates with Canva.



If you have a problem with your attention span, then this app is for you. It’s not free but it’s very effective as a means of reducing distractions. In your virtual forest, you can grow a tree. You can set the length of time it takes for your trees to grow, all the way up to two hours. And if you leave the app to do anything else on your phone, you kill your tree. Whilst it doesn’t sound like a particularly powerful motivator, there’s something about seeing the wizened tree you’ve killed due to your inability to focus that really improves productivity.



If writing is the way you make your bread and butter, then this very useful tool helps to ensure your grammar is spot on. It’s a free grammar-checking app that offers insights on your written content. But that’s not the smart part. What’s particularly clever is that Hemingway will judge the level at which your content reads, checking to see if the words and sentences you use are too advanced for your online audience. It also checks up on whether you’re using active or passive voice – a particular bugbear if you’ve got your SEO score in your sights.

So if you’re looking for tools to help you on your freelancing journey, these are some great ones to look at.

Are you a freelancer? What are your go-to social media tools to enhance your productivity? Let us know in the comments!

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